Bug Fixes, Minor Additions April 3rd, 2016 Back ↩

First off, apologies for the downtime this afternoon of the beer/brewery search functionality, which in turn prevented folks from entering new beers into their cellar. It was a bug on my end, but it's now remedied. Thanks to everyone who reported the issue, and let me know if anything still seems off.

I've also been pushing little pieces of work here and there over the past week. Here's a short list of new additions and improvements:

  • Fixed iPhone icon when saving the site to your home screen
  • Fixed management rows not being hidden when sorting your cellar
  • Added "Expanded" view for Consumed Beers area to show all tasting notes inline
  • Now using Amazon's Simple Email Service (SES) for site-generated emails, which should hopefully fix delivery issues for anyone who's ever attempted a password reset and didn't receive the email

And more updates on the way!