New Feature: Storage Locations April 23rd, 2016 Back ↩

Since giving users the ability to disable the In Fridge column in their cellars, I've been wondering about how to utilize the extra horizontal space that doing so opens up. To that end, I'm introducing customizable storage locations as a new, optional column.

I expect the vast majority of users will continue to use the normal In Cellar and In Fridge column setup, but for those who desire a more granular way to organize their beer, the new Location column should fit the bill. To use the new column, you must do the following:

  • Disable the In Fridge column in the My Account area (if you do so, please mind the prompts and understand that this will combine any existing In Fridge counts with their corresponding In Cellar counts)
  • Enable the Location column in the My Account area

Locations are user-definable and can be up to 20 characters long. You can create as many storage locations as you'd like, or edit existing location names, under the new Storage Location tab in the My Account area. You'll notice the My Account area has also received a bit of a makeover in order to accommodate the increasing number of account options.

Once enabled, and after creating some locations, you will be able to manage locations on existing beers using the inline management pane in your cellar. You'll also be able to specify a location when adding new beers to your cellar. As pictured above, you can effectively emulate the In Fridge column using this functionality, as well as specify any number of other custom locations depending on your cellaring situation.

The Location column is also supported via the Import process. It is optional, and I've added language to indicate that it will only be displayed if the proper account settings are in place. That said, even if you decide to hide the Location column after using it, you will never lose location assignments—they will simply not be visible. The same goes for importing location assignments, even if you're not displaying them.

This is a first pass at this feature, and I will likely enhance functionality in the future. As always, if you notice any issues or bugs, please let me know. Specifically, I made some changes around the cellar styling that should actually decrease loading time, but they might cause some display weirdness depending on your browser or resolution.

A final note: the Location field is not yet integrated into the mobile version of the site, but this will be forthcoming.  Cheers!