Small Batch Updates April 12th, 2016 Back ↩

Work has continued on the site and I've been sprucing things up here and there. Some recent updates include:

  • Autocomplete results for Beers and Breweries now return up to 20 hits, and the results are scrollable
  • Minor Elasticsearch indexing changes to improve search result relevancy
  • When opening the Add to Cellar modal, the Brewery field is now automatically focused
  • When tabbing through the Add to Cellar modal, In Cellar and In Fridge values are selected when focused for easier replacement
  • After clicking on an Invalid entry during the Fix Import process, any invalid fields will be automatically highlighted in the Fix Entry modal
  • When attempting to submit an Import with unmatched entries, users are now prompted to confirm before the submission is finalized

In addition, community management reports have been rolling in and are usually fixed within a day. Thanks to your help, a number of big breweries with duplicate records have been consolidated along with a load of duplicate beers. Every report that comes in makes the database a little bit better for everyone, so I really appreciate anyone taking the time to report data issues or flesh out missing data on existing records.  Cheers!